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Combining Advanced Technology With Forklifts

We've arrived at a turning point in the materials handling industry where warehousing solutions have never been more valuable or efficient. Automatic Guided Vehicles now have the option to operate themselves, using navigation technology to self-locate. This is just the first step in a major materials handling overhaul, leading to increased intelligence and automation.

  • Greater efficiency
  • Nimble forklift maneuverability
  • Automated supply chain
  • No additional infrastructure required

The forklift future is now. Partner with M&G for the latest in lift truck automation and robotics technology.


Hydrogen Fuel Cells

If you’re looking for an alternative energy resource that reduces toxic emissions, is reliable, and affords you flexibility, then Nuvera fuel cells are the solution you’ve been searching for. Gone are the days of changing out old batteries in lift trucks. To learn more about how fuel cell technology can help improve your productivity, contact us or visit our location. We’ll be happy to assist you.

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