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Automation solutions have become major players in the material handling industry — forklifts are no exception. Equipped with Yale Reliant™ operator assist technology, your lift trucks can achieve new performance highs with continuous operation and performance analyses. Our innovative software enables your forklifts to navigate the most demanding, fast-paced indoor warehouse environments with optimal efficiency and precision.

Powerful tool for operator awareness

Yale® Reliant is a robust technology suite designed to reinforce lift truck operating best practices and support operator awareness, tailored to the unique challenges of warehouse operations. It limits equipment performance based on equipment status, location and operating conditions, while keeping the operator in control of the lift truck.


Advanced, robust technology platform

Our suite of technologies accounts for the complexity of warehouse environments and apply smooth performance controls without upsetting stability.


Advanced Dynamic Stability (ADS)

Yale® Reliant uses ADS core technology controls to travel and hydraulic functions based on environmental characteristics and lift truck status for stable, steady movement. ADS improves forklift performance by continuously gathering detection inputs to adjust acceleration, travel speed and hydraulic functions based on site-specific rules.


Real-Time Location Sensing

This feature monitors where equipment is and sets exclusion zones to limit speed or restrict trucks from designated areas altogether. The ultra-wideband network interacts with beacons positioned throughout the warehouse to determine the real-time location and enforce location-based rules accurately.


Proximity Detection

The proximity detection feature for autonomous forklifts tracks proximity to other equipment, pedestrians and beacons through local or real-time location technologies, helping inform ADS performance controls. The system employs ultra-wideband tags to detect proximity and trigger operator alerts and proactive performance adjustments. This helps maintain a safe distance while navigating around objects.


Object Detection

Yale's operator assist technology detects objects in the path of travel through LiDAR technology, including those not connected to proximity tags, helping inform ADS performance controls. For example, forklifts can detect equipment, pedestrians or debris not connected with Yale® Reliant technology.

Autonomous Forklift Features

When you use operator assist technologies to automate your lift trucks, you'll leverage many advanced capabilities to improve safety and performance in the warehouse.

Dynamic alerts

Get operator attention

If Yale® Reliant detects a pedestrian or obstacle in the path of travel, location-based speed limit or other condition, it triggers an alert to help support operator awareness and provide additional reaction time. This feature reduces the risk of accidents and collisions in the warehouse, minimizing downtime for your company.

Speed reduction

Automatic truck slow-down

Yale® Reliant activates automatic speed control based on rules specific to certain areas of the facility like ends of aisles or heavy pedestrian zones, proximity to other equipment and pedestrians, and truck load and cornering stability. When your forklift encounters any of these obstacles, it will automatically decrease its travel speed.

Load stability

Lift lockout and hydraulic limits

Our autonomous forklifts limit hydraulic functions, including lift, lower and tilt, to keep loads stable and moving at a steady rate. By preventing operators from moving loads that exceed lift truck weight limits, this feature reduces the risk of tipping and load pitching, such as handling an overweight load or forks positioned too high.

Leverage Operator Assist Technology at M&G Materials Handling

You can experience improved performance, safety and efficiency on the job site with Yale® Reliant operator assist technologies from M&G Materials Handling. We've served as a trusted Yale equipment dealer in Southern New England for over 50 years, providing customers with dependable warehouse products and top-notch services that go above and beyond. When you work with us, we'll employ our personalized approach to ensure you get the solutions that serve your individualized needs.

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