Automation has helped material handling companies achieve more than they thought possible in the warehouse. These robotic solutions enable users to boost efficiency, cut costs and improve performance by automating repetitive tasks. 

You can get the most out of your machines with Yale® robotic forklift trucks from M&G Materials Handling. We've served as trusted partners for over 50 years, earning the Yale Dealer of Excellence award in 2021.

Transform Into an Efficiency Machine With Yale Robotics

Yale® Robotics can pick up, transport, drop off pallets and move carts to help you reduce labor costs and optimize workflow. These lift trucks are equipped with robotic technology and a standard production chassis to support your vertical and horizontal transportation needs. Yale® robotic forklifts detect structural elements like walls, racks and columns to independently navigate across your warehouse, seamlessly meeting your operational demands.

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Benefits of Yale Robotics


Dual Operating Modes

Can run autonomously on the programmed path and can switch to manual mode with the touch of a button, accommodating operational changes.


Infrastructure Free Navigation

Integrates into existing operations by mapping structural features to self-locate and navigate; does not require laser reflectors, guide wires or magnets.


Local Support

Extensive dealer network to service and support robotic solutions locally for fast service with less downtime.



Includes the ability to take on small tasks and expand as operational requirements grow.

Yale® Robotic Reach

Automation to gain independence from skilled labor shortage

The dual-mode, pantograph robotic reach truck from Yale is the first of its kind, capable of autonomously storing and retrieving loads from locations just over 400 inches high to maximize vertical storage space and address labor shortages. The robotic solution can serve both single and double-deep pallet storage and offers a 3,500 pound capacity rating, ideal for distribution centers challenged with inventory growth.

  • Autonomously Charged
  • Deposit or remove pallets from just over 400 inches high
  • Operates within vast temperatures and warehouse management systems
  • Ideal fit for distribution centers
Yale® Robotic End Rider

Can help cut labor costs with efficiency gain

The robotic end rider offers an autonomous solution for transporting pallets on long, horizontal paths with an 8,000-pound capacity rating. The robotic end rider can charge autonomously and also be used in a manual state to address any immediate pallet move needs. Automating horizontal pallet transfers enables you to proactively manage your labor costs.  

  • Transport 1-4 pallets at a time
  • Handle loads to marshalling/staging areas
  • Easily transfer over long distances
  • Bar code scanner confirms appropriate pallet
yale tractor carrying box
Yale® Robotic Tow Tractor

Free up labor with smart resource allocation

The Robotic Tow Tractor offers an autonomous solution specifically for long, repetitive tasks such as milk runs, parts sequencing and garbage hauls with a 15,000 pound capacity rating. Tasks that typically lead to higher operator turnover, you can now retain talent by automating these mundane repetitive tasks and promote your skilled operators to more engaging, value-added tasks. The robotic tow tractor can also be used in manual mode if needed for immediate task adding to the flexibility of the solution.

  • Standard trailer handling configurations
  • Sequencing in assembly operations
  • Stock replenishment and hauling
Yale® Robotic CB Stacker

Reduce risk of mishap and maintenance costs

The Robotic Counter Balance Stacker offers an autonomous solution for both your horizontal and vertical transport needs with a capacity rating ranging from 1,900 to 2,600 pounds. By automating these needs, you can reduce your ongoing labor challenges and avoidable damages to your product, facility and lift trucks.

  • Deposit or remove pallets from up to 165”
  • Handle smaller width pallets
  • Load and Unload Trailers
  • Autonomous Charging

BALYO Robotics

We also carry BALYO robotics for the material handling industry. BALYO develops state-of-the-art robotics products that set the standard for simplicity and performance. With BALYO robotic lift trucks and autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), you can automate 80% of your logistics applications. 

By combining Yale's expertise as a trusted original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and BALYO's robotic intelligence, our forklifts enable you to achieve unmatched quality improvements, lean processes and cost savings, creating more value for your company. 

Some of the many robotics products we carry from BALYO include:

  • Stackers
  • Counterbalanced stackers
  • Pallet trucks
  • Reach trucks
  • Tuggers
  • Very narrow aisle forklifts
  • Autonomous mobile robots

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