Fuel Cells

When every second counts, Nuvera Fuel Cells reduce downtime as they can be refueled in the truck at any time.

Boost your productivity and extend your power further than you ever thought possible with a Nuvera fuel cell. This alternative energy source is designed to increase fuel efficiency and electrical output while reducing toxic emissions. With reliability and flexibility, you'll be able to complete any warehouse job without worrying about running low on power. See the difference when you run your fleet with Nuvera fuel cells.

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Fuel Cells and M&G Materials Handling

As a future-forward materials handling company, we're excited to offer alternative fuel sources for forklifts and other equipment. We're committed to total customer satisfaction, so take our word for it; with a Nuvera fuel cell, you'll be able to maximize your productivity while reducing downtime. Gone are the days of changing out old lift truck batteries. Today the fuel cell simply stays in the forklift for quick and convenient fueling. Try one for yourself.