What If           Features

What if you could..?

  • Optimize operator performance
  • Increase lift truck utilization
  • Enhance preventative maintenance practices
  • Improve safety and compliance

Turn complicated data sets into real-world impact. Take the guesswork out of fleet data with a solution that provides clear insights into fleet efficiency, operator performance, and total cost of operation.

Yale Vision Impact Camera

Picture the impact with 20/20 vision

If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine the value of having video footage of any critical impact within your operations.  

  • Increase operator accountability
  • Enable impact validation
  • Identify shrinkage issues & product damage
Yale Battery Vision

Take charge of your batteries

Yale Battery Vision is a fleet management solution that provides valuable insights to better care for your batteries and maximizes their performance and life. You can now take charge of your batteries.


Mobile Site Tool

Data-driven productivity at your fingertips. Receive impact alerts, checklist notifications and access data via an easy-to-use dashboard. In addition, add notes and photos to impact events and reactivate any locked-out machines with the touch of a button.