Make the most of a limited labor pool and keep orders flowing

Nearly half (47%) of those in the beverage supply chain find the lack of skilled workers to be their greatest challenge.


Transform challenges into opportunities

From the warehouse to the delivery route, consumer demand and industry challenges push beverage operations to maximize efficiency.

Labor retention

Filling open positions with qualified labor is tough. Retain your top talent and reduce turnover by offering advanced ergonomic design to minimize musculoskeletal problems, telematics to simplify daily checklists, and robotics to redirect valuable labor resources to more value-added tasks.

Smiling warehouse workers preparing a shipment in a large warehouse

SKU Proliferation

Consumer demand is driving unprecedented SKU proliferation. Let us show you how variable height picking strategies and case flow lanes can help accommodate more SKUs and improve pick speeds.

Delivery expectations

Urbanization is pushing drivers to squeeze more stops into tighter delivery windows. Exceed delivery demand by investing in lift trucks with greater maneuverability to navigate tight spaces and longer-lasting, faster-charging lithium-ion batteries.

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Close-up shot of unrecognizable workers wearing coveralls and rubber gloves using bottle filling machine while working in food factory


Beverage safety is non-negotiable. Protect your operations from contamination with USDA inspection ready, food-grade lubricants and impenetrable materials that reduce bacteria absorption.

Tight profit margins

Extreme competition and growing logistics costs can affect tight margins. Increase profitability by introducing robotics to automate repetitive tasks, right-sizing your fleet to extend the useful life of your equipment, and employing innovative picking solutions to increase throughput.



Demonstrated to achieve results

Take your metrics to the next level – reduce downtime, improve safety and lower operating costs.


Getting the most out of warehouse labor

More than half of companies rate hiring and retaining qualified workers as “extremely or very challenging.” Explore practical steps to help maximize labor utilization, productivity, and retention.

Direct-store delivery

Tight retail spaces and uneven parking areas are all part of an average day’s work for the direct store delivery driver. Help them face these daily challenges with a package of specially-designed features.


DC Metrics

Understanding and measuring the right metrics are key to efficient warehouse operations. Explore insights from the current WERC DC measures report to help you achieve best-in-class performance.

Increasing slot capacity and picking efficiency

Existing racking and slotting systems are often unable to accommodate increasing SKUs and changing order profiles. Discover how innovative slotting strategies and multi-level lift truck designs can help enable higher performance and lower fulfillment costs.


Enhancing productivity through safety

Today’s fast-turn, customer satisfaction-driven economy can pressure operators to focus on productivity over safety. Explore this step-by-step approach to help prioritize safety and productivity with proper training, innovative technologies and maintenance best practices.