health and pharma

Speed, quality and efficiency are critical

Patients and customers rely on your products to live comfortably. Don’t settle for just anyone to help you meet their needs.


Whether manufacturing or distributing pharmaceuticals, medical devices or consumer health products, you need reliable and advanced solutions to meet critical timelines and strict regulations.


Preserve the well-being of your operation

You can’t afford to settle, boost the safety and efficiency of your manufacturing operation now.


Sanitation & quality

There are thousands of drug and device recalls every year. Maintaining compliance through the entire manufacturing process is imperative to the safety and integrity of OTC and prescription drugs, medical devices and other consumer products. Automation can help lessen human interaction while new lift truck power options offer zero emissions, both helping keep sanitation in-check.

Safety & security

Training and safety awareness are crucial. A comprehensive operator training program in conjunction with operator assist technologies and telematics can boost awareness and help reinforce consistent best practices.


Labor & productivity

Consider automating your operation with robotic lift trucks. Valuable human resources can be freed up for more engaging roles while the flexibility to adjust shifting production lines can help improve workflow and production throughput times.


You can’t afford to settle for second best

To preserve product quality and boost throughput, you must be laser-focused on safely and efficiently getting products out the door.


Safety & security

Building safety awareness is crucial to operational efficiency. A hands-on operator training program along with operator assist technologies can help develop and reinforce consistent best practices.

Labor & productivity

Scale up your operation with robotic lift trucks. Robotics can help improve employee retention by offering more engaging, value-added roles and help streamline workflow and throughput.


Fulfillment expectations & space constraints

Agility is imperative to keeping costs down and meeting productivity metrics. That means maximizing operator efficiency and space utilization. Ensure your lift truck fleet offers the design and features to help you boost picking and reduce cycle times, provide operator ergonomic features, and take advantage of valuable cubic space.


Demonstrated to achieve results

Standard won’t cut it anymore. Discover proven solutions and tactics health and pharma distributors consider essential today.

Yale Reliant

Automatically reinforces best practices

Learn how automatic performance adjustments can slow down lift trucks at intersections, in the presence of pedestrians and much, much more.


Yale Vision

Manage cost, optimize productivity and protect your assets

Leverage data-driven productivity and take your operation to the next level with wireless fleet management.

Yale Robotics
Yale Robotics

Be an efficiency machine

Strategically solve labor challenges and reduce operating costs up to 70% by automating repetitive tasks.

Power Sources

Lithium-ion Batteries

Zero maintenance, consistent power delivery, broad temperature range performance, and quick opportunity charging with Lithium powered trucks.