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Choose From a Wide Variety of Yale 3-Wheel Electric Forklift Models

M&G Materials Handling is your one-stop headquarters for 3-wheel electric forklifts from Yale in southern New England. Choose from stand-up and sit-down models designed to boost productivity in various loading, unloading, staging, stocking and replenishment applications.

Yale has been a lift truck pioneer since 1875. This reputable manufacturer seamlessly combines innovative technology with a focus on quality and continuous improvement. In doing so, Yale delivers industry-best forklifts that exceed expectations and enable users to achieve maximum performance.

Examples from our 3-wheel electric truck inventory include:

  • ERP025-030VC: This Yale sit-down model offers excellent maneuverability through tight warehouse layouts and easy access to elevated storage locations.
  • ERP030-040VT: This 3-wheel electric forklift delivers unmatched performance, maximum energy efficiency and advanced ergonomics. Use it to achieve excellent results in medium- and heavy-duty material handling applications.
  • ERP040VTL: This compact yet powerful and efficient electric lift truck features a space-saving lithium-ion battery, operator-centric ergonomics and numerous enhancements to optimize performance.
  • ESC030-40AD: If you prefer a stand-up 3-wheel forklift truck, this Yale model offers excellent maneuverability and productivity. You’ll be able to move goods in and out of tight spaces more efficiently.

If a brand-new Yale product doesn’t fit your needs or budget, we also offer an assortment of high-quality used 3-wheel electric forklifts for sale. You’ll save money without sacrificing performance, productivity or safety.

What Are the Benefits of Electric Forklifts?

Whether you prefer a 3- or 4-wheel electric forklift, you’ll get access to a host of owner and operator benefits:

  • Zero emissions while in operation: Because these lift trucks don’t burn fossil fuels, they don’t produce harmful exhaust fumes. Use them indoors or outdoors while maintaining environmental compliance and reaching green targets.
  • Simplified maintenance: Electric forklifts don’t have gas-fueled engines, transmissions and other mechanical parts and components requiring extensive service. You’ll spend less time, labor and money on preventive maintenance.
  • Increased maneuverability: The tighter 3-wheel forklift turning radius makes the machine more responsive and easier for the operator to control.
  • Enhanced visibility: Mast offers clear, wide range of visibility to help operators work more quickly and precisely.
  • Lower operating costs: Includes a range of maintenance friendly features and advanced diagnostics to make service simple and limit total cost of operation.

Why Choose Us for 3-Wheel Electric Forklifts?

East Providence, RI-based M&G Materials Handling has served the lift truck needs of businesses throughout Rhode Island and southern New England for over 50 years. Besides offering a vast selection of 3-wheel forklifts for sale, we carry an expansive inventory of replacement parts for various machine models. Our factory-trained technicians are also available to provide timely maintenance and repair services to keep your equipment on the job and maximize its life span.

Browse Our Forklift Inventory Today

Check out all our electric forklift types online, or stop by our East Providence facility for a closer look. If you have questions about our product inventory or would like to request a quote, call us at 800-888-7051, or fill out and submit our online contact form today.