A "Breath of Fresh Air"

"I just wanted to drop a line to let you know what a 'Breath of Fresh Air' it has been the last 3 days regarding the PM being done on our fleet by Steve King! We have not had such open, exemplary service in over a year. If the rest of your staff is as easy to work with and so accommodating, you are a lucky manager indeed. Thank You for the support and timely service. I’m sure we will have a long and prosperous working relationship."

Kevin HallFacilities, Manager
East Providence, RI

Goes Above and Beyond

"I have been working with Ken MacDonald with your facility since 2012 to help us with our Fleet in our warehouse. Ken has gone above and beyond to help us with containing some costs for us during this time. From 2012 to 2013 we are going to realize a savings of approx. $20,000.00 on our bottom line. Without Ken's help this would not be taking place. Thanks for your help with this and everything else that you have helped us with!"

Christine Edgell, Staff Accountant, DEI
East Providence, RI

Nothing but Good Service

"I have been working with Ken and his team at M & G Handling for a couple months and I've had nothing but good service from them. They are very professional and the service is second to none. I've called Ken on numerous occasions asking for the near impossible and Ken and his team has delivered every time. I look forward to working with you guys at M&G for a long long time. I would recommend them to anyone. You will have no regrets! Keep up the good work!

Jose Gomes Tribe Mediterrianian, Nestles Tauton, MA
East Providence, RI

Quick Response Time

"M&G has been providing PM service to my company for the last few years. There quick reponse time and excellant mechanical solutions has been a great match for us. I would recommend there services to others in my industry."

Frank, CVS Woonsocket, RI
East Providence, RI

Quality Equipment and Great Service

This is a quick testimony of what I have experienced from M&G Materials Handling. The company I work for purchased a Yale forklift in 1998 from M&G. About 4 years ago we needed a new battery charger. Dan MacDonald found me one and gave us great service. No big deal but everything went smooth and he even worked out a trade in for my old one. Then a few days ago the Forklift started having problems moving forwards and backwards. M&G sent a Service Person to look at it and evaluate the problem and to make adjustments if they could. James McCaffery discovered that the problem is most likely a bad switch which cost about $20 and then asked me if I wanted to order a new one. Then he asked me if I wanted to change it out myself when it comes in to save money for another service charge. He said it was easy to change out the part. I asked him to show me how to do it and he actually took the part that needs replacing off and then reinstalled it. He also adjusted my steering chain and checked out the rest of the Forklift. His attitude was uplifting and refreshing. Looking for ways to save myself and the company I work for real money. I would highly recommend M&G Materials Handling Company to anyone looking to purchase any type of equipment to move materials. Both for quality equipment and more important GREAT service.

James Saylors, Weston Solutions
East Providence, RI



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